Fun and Easy Ways For Teens To Make Money Online with SwagBuck

Fun and Easy Ways For Teens To Make Money Online with SwagBuck

Hi teens ^^ Happy New Year 2016 !

A new year has begun. Are you planning to do anything special? Considering that you’re here on our site, I bet you are looking for a way to generate a little extra cash, aren’t you? However, you might feel not so willing to commit yourself to sitting in front of the computer screen, doing laborious and monotorous tasks over and over again just to earn a few bucks. Yay, you are in the right place. We are in for a trip to find out more about Swagbucks: One of the most trusted sites for teens to make money online which offers you a plethora of ways to boost your finance while chilling out at home.

Let our journey begin!


1. An overall look

Swagbucks is an online rewards and cash back program where you get paid to click. The site enables users to earn a virtual currency (points) called Swag Bucks (SB), just by performing a variety of normal online activities as you always do almost everyday, such as searching, shopping, taking surveys, playing games, and discovering online content. You can then easily redeem accumulated SB points for $5 – $25 retail gift cards for Amazon, PayPal, Target, Walmart, and Starbucks, PayPal cash, or other rewards.

One plus mark is that it is completely free to sign up, unlike some others where you are required to put forth money to join the site or register code. The typical earning is 25$ per month, but for those dedicated the number is surely many times bigger. However, the site is available only in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, and Australia and members are required to be 13 years old or older.


Wait, doen’t it sound too good to be true? Some skeptics out there may doubt whether the site actually works as it claims to do, or “Is Swagbucks legit?“. Good news ! The answer is yes ! Indeed, Swagbucks ranks among the top sites, also has successfully established the faith in online money minners. The company has been operating since 2005 and have 1,800,000 fans on Facebook. That has got to be something, right? Furthermore, BBB, the biggest scam watching dog site has also rated Swagbucks as A+. Well, I guess it is all settled!

Today I am naming out tasks that you can do to earn money with Swagbucks. On the next post, we are going to take a deeper dive and I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to register and get the job done.

2.  6 fastest ways to earn SB points

The 6 fastest ways to earn SB points in exchange for cash or rewards are Searching, Taking Survey, Shopping, Watching Videos, Playing Games and using Swagbucks Coupons/Deals. 

2.1 Searching the Web


Getting paid for something that we do nearly everyday sounds such amazing. All you are asked to do is to use Swagbucks’s search engine instead of the others like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Advertisers pay Swagbucks to publicise their wares or do market research. That’s how the site passes a cut to you.

Since the search engine is powered by Yahoo, the result shown is exactly the same to what you would see if you used Yahoo search bar.


Some myths go that if you search for common and popular words, there are more chances of receiving higher points. Well, not true and not neccessary. Earning per search is in fact totally random, so you can never know exactly how much you will earn for the next time. The good thing is that the whole task appears to be pretty enjoyable and effortless. Yay, the next time you can lie on a couch, type whatever thing in the search bar then produce some pocket money already.

Here are some tips to earn more:

  • Make it the default search engine in your browser.
  • Install their browser extension.

2.2 Shop and Get Cash

I was a little bit confused when I first came to this shopping section, but it’s in fact pretty simple. To put it in a nutshell, use Swagbucks’ Shop for all of your online purchase. That’s how to earn SB for every dollar that you spend at any stores they offer


As you can see above, Amazon offers you 7 SBs for every $1 spent. So next time you make a $100 purchase at Amazon. That will yield as many as 700 SBs! 

2.3 Taking Survey

Probably, it’s one of the quickest ways to earn as little things required. However, it can also be time-consuming as some surveys take up to more than half an hour to finish.


The average point earned per survey is around 75 SB. But as you can see, there are surveys that offer you more than 150 SB within 15-minute completion. Take these tips :

  • Make a list.
  • Pick up survey wisely. 

Then you can earn up to $6-9/hour. Yay ^^


2.4 Playing Games

To be honest, it is funny how they are actually paying us to play these games. The system is pretty simple. Similar to how the Shopping section works, you will get cash back for every dollar spent.


2.5 Watching Videos

Frankly speaking, I was like : Am I really going to be paid for doing this? YES! And YES!


This might seem not so profitable at first glance as the number of SB yielded is relatively low compared to the others. Let’s do some tricks :)) Why not get it on play while you browse the net or do surveys? In that way, you can generate more SB at one time. Such a bargain for those wants to earn a living by watching TV. Maybe they’re born for you. But sadly, they limit us to earn 150 SB a day.


2.6 Using Coupons and Deals

Here on the site you can find numerous coupons and deals of all kinds and uses. Print this out. Use it whenever making a purchase at the grocery store. Not only can you save your money, but you can also generate quite a large amount of SB all along.



A brief explanation of how it opperates. Quite a good deal, isn’t it?

3. Wrap Up

Swagbucks is a good site as well, a bargain. Why a bargain? Great ways to generate income. Super easy, not to say pretty fun and enjoyable. And anyone can benefit from, especially teenagers like us.

Next time, we are going to look at how to cash your money out.

Try it first. Easy or not? 

Leave us your thoughts. We’ll improve. And you gain tons ^^

I love doing research on ways to make money online for teenagers like us and enjoy writing blogs as a way to share with you guys what I believe to be really helpful. When free I take pleasure in drawing and playing the piano. Check out my Facebook and Instagram for some amazing pics !

Profitable Ways for Teens to Earn Money with Their Blogs

Profitable Ways for Teens to Earn Money with Their Blogs

Last time on my post on blogging for teenagers, I mentioned some ways for teens to earn money from blogs. Today, I’m gonna make an overview on them again as well as add in some new methods to spice things up a bit.

Let’s get going then !

1. Place Advertisements on your Blog

Let’s start with the basic. When people think about make money online, people think of ads. Placing advertisements on your website is the simplest way to make some money online. Pretty much set it and forget method.

Teens Money Blog Advertisements

Just try placing a few advertisements on your blog with AdSense or any other ads network. You should be getting a stable source of passive income, provided that your blogs actually have visitors.

2. Use Affiliate Links




Affiliate Links For Teens Income

If you’re a teen that is keen on a specific niche when blogging, the chances are that you’re gonna find something you want to promote to your readers. Try and search for affiliates programs related to what you’re promoting. You’ll both make some extra money. as well you readers will have some things to try. Everyone will be happy 🙂

3. Subscription

It can either be a subscription to read your blog or as a more popular approach, a subscription to access premium contents such as downloads, special posts, etc. This can be a nice way to always have a passive source of recurring income. However, your blog will need to have a very large reader base as well as providing really good resources.

4. Offer Guest Posting

Once your skills are good enough, you can consider writing for other teens or bloggers for some extra bucks, also gaining some readers and credibility. It’s pretty a good way to expand your blogging circle too. Other bloggers linking to you will help greatly on getting you more visitors. You can expect around 40$ per post or more, depending on your skills.

5. YouTube Video Blogging

Trying out video posts can be a nice change of style for both you and your readers. Not to mention, you can also earn money from it. The same rules apply whether it’s normal blogging or videos. You need lots of visitors to make a decent amount of money.

Teens Blog YouTube Money

Another thing to consider when making some money with YouTube is that you’ve just expanded your blog. People can now find your contents through YouTube, not just SE but also videos. What’s more, they tend to be shared easier.

Last but not least, us teens love watching videos. To some extend, making them might give you a feeling of an interesting blogging.

I wrote a post about making money online for teens with YouTube here.  Wanna check it out?

6. Sell Your Blog

This is not a method I’m really fond of since a blog is not just about the money. It’s about your readers and your effort too. Nevertheless, there are cases when blogs are made just to be sold to a more suitable owner. That’s why this is by no mean bad or anything.

Pick a niche that you think you can make a good blog with and well, make a blog. Write on it. Get a decent amount of visitors. Then sell it to one needing it, usually a business owner in that niche. This can be rather time-consuming but the payoff is really great. Some blogs can be sold for thousands of dollars, depending on the niche and the blog’s quality.

You are teen with a decent amount of free time and creativity? A good way to try !

7. Promote your own Products

If you’re really into selling, making products of your own can be a wonderful way to kick-start your income. You know. the best place to start promoting is no other than your own blog.

If your blog is good then people would think that your products are good. Well, they should be. If your first product is successful, create another one and keep going. You’ll soon find yourself having a buyer base that would make you money for a long time.

And a lot of teens have succeeded in promoting their own products.

8. Use Link Shrinking Services

If your blog shares download links or just share a lot of links in general, utilizing link shrinking services like AdFly can really help with passive income. I have seen many games download sites using this method nail to great success. Why? Games are generally heavy thus need many links to download. Also, games are downloaded daily. You can imagine how much money the owner makes everyday.

Link Shrinking For Teens

Here’s my post on how teens can make money online with AdFly. Want to check it out?

9. Build an Email List

Building an email list can both help your readers get access to your to your post easier, as well as help you build a great buyer base for you to promote.

The inbox is the best place to send offers. If someone has already given you his or her email address, rthe chances are that person would buy stuff from you.

Teenagers in general shouldn’t have many things to sell on a daily basis so this might not be optimal. However, give it a try if you’d like.

You can try building an email list such as what we are doing here at Enter your email in the form at the end of this post. You’ll receive the latest news. Yay, posts is straight to your inbox. Undoubtedly, we’ll occasionally send you some nice offers and well, never spam your inbox 🙂

Teens Email List For Money

10. What’s your ideas ?

I’ve listed plenty of ways for teenagers to make money online but the possibilities are endless.

Tell us more in the comment section below. Together, let’s make tons of money 🙂

Stay tune !

I want to help all teenagers earn pocket-money and more so I founded Mmo4teen. When I’m not writing or working on any projects, you can find me jamming my guitar or lifting at the gym.

Managing Online Income with PayPal for Teenagers

Managing Online Income with PayPal for Teenagers

After so many promises, finally, here’s the post you guys have been asking for. Today, let’s see how us teenagers can utilize PayPal to earn our hard-earned money online. I know you guys have been waiting this for such a long time. So do I. :mrgreen:

Let’s get started !

1. About PayPal

First of all, here’s what PayPal introduce themselves:

PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay and get paid online. The service allows anyone to pay in any way they prefer, including through credit cards, bank accounts, PayPal Smart Connect or account balances, without sharing financial information.

They also back up :

PayPal has quickly become a global leader in online payment solutions with more than 169 million accounts worldwide. Available in 190 markets and 24 currencies around the world, PayPal enables global e-commerce by making payments possible across different locations, currencies, and languages.


PayPal has received more than 20 awards for excellence from the internet industry and the business community – most recently the 2006 Webby Award for Best Financial Services Site and the 2006 Webby People’s Voice Award for Best Financial Services Site.

As you can see, PayPal’s got quite a reputation. So most websites with online transactions usually have PayPal as a way to withdraw or purchase.

Some actually offer PayPal as the only transaction option so if you really want to make money online, you’ve got to have a PayPal account.

To be honest, it’s been more than a year since I created my own account. You know, the site has changed quite a lot, for the better that is.

Registration seems to be more straightforward. The site design is more professional and modern. Also, features as well as the whole payment system have been modified. But well, most things stayed the same and still do its job well.

The real question is: Why should us teenagers use PayPal ?

2. PayPal and Make Money Online for Teens

A very crucial part of making money online is to actually receiving your hard-earned income. The main ways to do this are:

  • Checks.
  • Bank account.
  • Credit cards.
  • PayPal.

You see, the first 2 require you to have either a bank account or a credit card, probably not easily for teenagers to get, mostly impossible unless you borrow from your parents.

The third one require the risk of losing your money due to delivery reasons. Though rarely, we still don’t want to take risks.

Let’s see what the final option –  PayPal – offer.

First is accessibility. You yourself can make a PayPal account. No need to worry about any borrowing here.

Second is ease of use, which we have:

  • Fast delivery time: Everything works online so you’ll get pretty much instant access to your money.
  • Risk free: No delivery errors.
  • Easy transaction: Well, you just need an email. Then they should send you the money easily.
  • Flexible buying: The money is sent to your PayPal account online. Therefore, you can jump right into buying things online. And no need to deposit your money online again after receiving it.

After all, we’ve seen the convenience of PayPal. Let’s see how you can make one yourself.

3. How teens can Create a PayPal account

First go to PayPal:

Then click on Sign Up for Free:

Teen Register for PayPal

Enter basic information in the fields. Click Continue:

Teens PayPal Details

Enter some information.

Teens Info for PayPal

Then you can either link a bank account or a credit card or skip it altogether.

If you don’t see any option to proceed, just close the tab. Open PayPal again. Then log in, you should see this:

PayPal Teens Info

Note that I have confirmed my email. How?

Go to your email. Click on the blue button.

Email Confirmation PayPal Teens


Confirm PayPal Email for Teens

Now you can start receiving money using your PayPal email. Yay yay !

Or if you want to, we can try to link your bank account and credit cards.

4. Link a Bank Account or Credit Card to your PayPal Account

Probably, you will have to ask for your parents information. Amazing if you have your own card. PayPal has already shown how to do this so I won’t give full details here.

5. Wrap up

Happily, now you don’t need to worry about receiving money from other sites or risk losing your hard-earned income. It’s the best to link a card or bank account since some sites will only pay you if your account is linked.

Try it. It works? Or really hard to use?

Share your thoughts below ! Together, help us improve !



I want to help all teenagers earn pocket-money and more so I founded Mmo4teen. When I’m not writing or working on any projects, you can find me jamming my guitar or lifting at the gym.

How Teens Can Make Money Online with Surveys ?

How Teens Can Make Money Online with Surveys ?

Last time on my overview on how to make money online for teens, I mentioned answering surveys as a way to earn some money from the Internet. You know, I received quite a lot of interesting comments. That’s why on today’s post, let’s see how us teens can make some bucks by voicing our opinion.

1. About Survey

This is Wikipedia’s definition of survey:

A field of applied statistics, survey methodology studies the sampling of individual units from a population and the associated survey data collection techniques, such as questionnaire construction and methods for improving the number and accuracy of responses to surveys.

In a more understandable term, a survey is a series of questions, polls or any related form of getting one’s opinions, usually a product or services but can range from website design to smartphone’s screen size.

Before the Internet became a thing, surveys were usually conducted by groups of people with a sheet of paper and a pencil, or just through their voices alone. Although direct face-to-face surveying is still relevant today, most surveys are now filled in online with a payment stick to each of em  8-).

That’s enough for the basic. Let’s see how can teenagers make money online by filling some surveys.

2. How Teenagers can Earn Online Income with Surveys

Let’s first understand how surveys generate money:

  1. A company wants to get some feedback about their product in order to improve and make more sales. So they created a survey.
  2. The only problem is there is no one to fill in. That’s why the company sought out a surveys network – which is basically the same as an Ad Network ( which I’ve partially covered here ) or an Affiliate network – and pays them to help find some people who are willing to fill in that survey.
  3. That’s where you come in. You register for an account on the Network website. They present you with multiple surveys from lots of different companies trying to get your opinions.
  4. You finish filling in some surveys and send the results back to the website.
  5. The Survey Network then send it to the companies
  6. Those companies check the surveys and send the Network their money
  7. They then reward you with your share of the earning
  8. You withdraw that money and be a happy teen  🙂

That’s the basic structure of the process but there’s always room for changes and variety.

2.1 About Types of “Surveys”

We’ve talked about how surveys work quite a lot now. I won’t blame you if you’re thinking how boring it would be just to sit there and write text and text and more text. We’re teens and we wanna be free ! What if I tell you that there are a lot more than just answering questions ? What if you can play games or browse some websites and earn money ? Yes, that’s entirely possible. And that is true.

As time pass and technology advanced, surveys aren’t just surveys anymore. We now have games, apps and even videos to watch. Making money online with surveys now is more about completing tasks then filling out forms. I even dare say the former is more dominant. That’s such an amazing thing !

But keep in mind that you won’t find yourself actually enjoying the games and videos most of the time. Why? They’re paying you to do that so it wouldn’t be so cool that everyone wanna do. For example, with games, you won’t be able to play League of Legend and earn tons of money. It would be more of Snake or Sudoku vibe. But who knows, maybe you’ll cross path with a rare gem and find a game you like. The same applies for all the other form of doing tasks, you might have a liking to trial product or find a beta app worth using. But again, prepare to be bored once in a while.

Sounds like a lot of hard work huh. But of course, you’ll receive something in return, a broad smile to any teens looking for a bit more pocket-money.

Some Notes:

  • The longer the survey or the harder the tasks, the more points you’ll earn so don’t avoid the big mission  :mrgreen:
  • Some survey networks focus specifically on a type of survey. That’s why if you’re keen on games, find something that focus on games. It’ll make things easier later. Try this list.

2.2. Kinds of Payment

There’s no better feelings than receiving your rewards after a long and treacherous journey. Let’s see what you can earn from doing all these tasks. Pay attention. Check whether the site provide you the suitable kinds of payment.

2.2.1 Coupons and Gift Cards

Teen's Coupons Online

This type of payout is pretty popular and some teens really like them since they won’t need to fiddle with checks and PayPal. Generally, these will be for Wal-Mart, Amazon, Steam, etc… If you’re into shopping, you’ll like it. But most of the time, we just want the actual money so that we can decide what we want to do it. All in all, coupons are cool but not for everyone. And luckily, we still have some more to choose from.

2.2.2 Physical Items

Teens' Online Rewards

From headphones to PS4, you can find lots of cool stuff rewarded for completing surveys. And it seems most survey network has teens in their mind so you’ll even find something that you were trying to save money for. Talk about a bargain ! Be wary that to get the expensive kind of items, you’re gonna put in lots of sweat and time.

2.2.3 Cold Hard Cash

Everyone’s favorite. Cool though coupons and mp3 are, nothing beats the good of fashion money. Most survey sites offer some form of cash redeeming either through Checks, Bank Account or PayPal but the latter is more common and is a lot easier to deal with.

2.2.4 Notes

Here’s some tips to keep in mind when it comes to redeeming your rewards:

  • Pick the right site with the right rewards: Not every site has the same kind of payment or even the same way of paying. If you want cash, don’t pick one that only offers coupons and the other way around.
  • Keep an eye out for PayPal: Like most other form of making money online I’ve outlined, PayPal is usually the way to go when it comes to getting your money online.
  • Watch out for Promotions: Some sites have special promotions that allow you to redeem rewards for fewer points than normal ( more on that later ). Try to be patient and get your rewards then for maximum efficiency.
  • Save for the big fishes: The bigger the reward, the better your accumulated point is and the same apply for money. Be a smart teens. Aim for the big fishes.

2.3 How Making Money With Surveys Works

Now that we’ve got the tasks and rewards out-of-the-way. Let’s see how us teens can actually convert those tasks to our rewards.

2.3.1 Points

The name varies from credits to doubloons but in essential, they are just points. Now points are rewarded upon completing a task. Each specific reward has its own points requirement. So the process will go like this:

  1. Check the list of rewards. Find something you like.
  2. Check the amount of points required.
  3. Start completing tasks. Acquire the points.
  4. Get enough points. Redeem your reward.

That’s the process. It should apply to any survey network out there. But don’t get all hasty and type in “survey network” on Google search bar.

Let’s move to some important tips.

2.3.2 Super Important Tips for Teens when Earning with Surveys

Always remember these when you want to make some money online with surveys:

∗ Find trust-worthy sites

This is the most important tips any teen needs to remember. Even if you managed to find a site that pays well and easy to get done surveys, nothing matters if you can’t redeem your rewards. Scammers are all over the Internet so you’ll need to be prepared for them. I didn’t once and I paid the price. Therefore, I’ll help you make sure you won’t be like me that time  😥

First is the site design. If it’s professional and polished, it’s a good sign. How do I know? Getting a quality site up and running takes a lot of work so scammers usually don’t do that. But there’s always exceptions so beware.

Next is their system. If you find their system is easy to use as well as some big brand names are associated to them like Coca Cola or Sony, they have some credibility.

Then check their activities. Whether they are active in paying and supporting their members or not. Check their forum if they have one. Probably, all these info can be faked. Be on the lookout then.

Finally, your best bet is to look for others opinions through blog posts or forum. Either ask for others reviews on a specific site or look for sites that are recommended from creditable bloggers.

∗ Make a plan

I couldn’t find the link about the person I read about long ago so here’s the alternative you can try Surveys Experts

Completing survey after survey is a tedious work. It’s easy to lose track and get bored. An expert on making money with surveys once shared that you should have a plan on how many surveys to complete within a time frame so as not to get bored and have a sense of progress. He’s made a few thousands on surveys. Well, we can believe his words.

∗ Answer surveys Truthfully

Again, the link is Surveys Experts

Also from the above expert, his secret for making lots of money is to provide high-quality information. He said that by doing so, you’ll get the network attention. As a result, they’ll invite you to rare and high-paying closed group surveys which can even pays as high as 300$ per survey. Remember then, the next time you answer a survey, be honest.

3. Some Survey Sites to Get Started

Let’s start with searching on reputable bloggers posts, as I mentioned, a great way to find good survey sites . Am I a good one? If yes, here’s my own list or actually, a list of list :mrgreen: :

From Save The Students

From The Telegraph

Not much for a list but enough to get any teens started. As they say, don’t bite more than you can chew.

4. Wrap up

That’s all for today’s post. Hope you’ve understood more about surveys and how teens can make money online with them.

Give it a try. What to lose? Gain anything?

Share with us in the comment section below !

I want to help all teenagers earn pocket-money and more so I founded Mmo4teen. When I’m not writing or working on any projects, you can find me jamming my guitar or lifting at the gym.

How Teens Can Make Money Online with Sellfy Selling Digital Contents ?

How Teens Can Make Money Online with Sellfy Selling Digital Contents ?

Remember the time when I wrote about Fiverr ? Well, recently, a friend of mine who is very talented in music, pointed me to Sellfy, which is basically Fiverr but has a more specific category of product and no services and also a lot easier to use. Especially, whatdaya know, NO TAX ! Yes you heard that right, no tax information anywhere, hooray !

Finally there’s a way for teens to make money online without the need of tax information ! ( Actually, AdFly and Megatypers have already had that ) :mrgreen:

Let’s get started !

1. About Sellfy

Here’s Sellfy own description about themselves from their own About page:

With Sellfy, selling digital products to your audience is as easy as sharing a link. Don’t have a large audience, but make kick-ass content ? Join Sellfy Market – a place where people discover the best digital content directly from creators.


Whether you decide to sell your digital goods on Sellfy Market or no, the price still is the same 5%. And best of all ? Your earning are transferred to your account instantly. How cool is that ?

To be truthful, they summed themselves up perfectly, I have nothing else to add here. But here’s my comment anyway, they might be too obvious but I spent a lot of time for this so *puppy eyes*

  • Really professional website design, the best I’ve seen and you can definitely see the similarity with Fiverr. You know, one of our rules of thumb, good site design means reliable ( to some point ). I’ll write a post about how to pick reliable websites later. Teens need to be careful with their money, especially online.

    Sellfy Professional Website design

    That is just gorgeous. Even better than I admit ._.

  • Easy to use interface and straight-forward Sign Up process. You can already see the Sign Up form when arriving at the homepage. And Login with Facebook is a breeze, pretty much seamlessly. Just a click and you’re all set. The interface of a sales page is also really minimal and clean, the same goes for the Setting pages. All and all, their design and functionalities are at the top of the game.
  • Great user base. You can probably feel how big the site is by looking at the number right on the Homepage, certanily added to its reliability and also tell you a bit more about the customer base.
  • Lots of great features: Discounted price. Reviews and rating. You name it.Sellfy's Great Features For Teens
  • No Tax: No need to say more, slab your PayPal email address in and you’re all set. There are some tax options that I will go through later but you don’t really need to care about them. Just like they said, make a sale and receive money instantly. Yipee !

Sellfy don’t really have something you’d call a Con but I’ll be picky and pick out some grain that might be interesting to you ( feel like Cinderella ). So here’s some minor Cons I’ve found:

  • Don’t have the top features like Fiverr such as extra bonus or fast delivery time for a higher price considered that Sellfy only allow selling ready-made media contents downloaded able instantly.Download Products Instantly With Sellfy
  • Some may consider that the website is a bit too boring and not as lively as Fiverr. I also agree to this. The site doesn’t really have anything to give off the sense of a flourishing market like Fiverr. Maybe it’s because of the lack of services and at such, lack of human faces that we human always like.

    Teen make money online with Fiverr

    Human’s faces and the active sentences really make Fiverr look lively

  • Lack the option for selling services like Fiverr. This is both a Pros and Cons IMHO since the customers won’t be confused because they know they are here to buy ready-made media file; however, you won’t make money as a freelancer which a lot of teens love. But well, you’ve already got Fiverr for that ( along with a lot of competition sadly ).
  • You’ll need rather unique or quality content to make sales since I notice lots of great contents from professional artists.

That was my not so short summary about Sellfy as well as its Cons and Pros.

Now let’s get into the good part. How teens can make money online with Sellfy by selling digital contents ?

2. How Teens can Make Money Online with Sellfy ?

As usual, signing up is easy and straight-forward. Just enter your info or sign up with Facebook – teenagers’ best friend.

Remember to set up your payment setting first.

When that’s done, let’s start creating your product. You’ll see something like this:

Sellfy's Simple Product Creation Interface

A really neat feature of Sellfy is the ability to discount a customer if they share your Product on Social Networks or use Discount Codes ( great for branding and affiliate sort of campaign ). Remember to check those out.

About the taxes options, I’d suggest leaving them at default. If you’d like to know more, check the FAQ.

Sellfy's Simple But Effective Discount Options

That’s basically it. Just set up a product and let it go. You don’t really need to keep taking in orders. Although it would be a good idea to update or discount it once in awhile. Sellfy is actually a really great source of passive income. Have a few good products and you’ll make a lot with minimal effort.

3. Tips on Maximizing Sellfy Income

Here’s some tips to help you maximize your income with Sellfy:

  • Sell some FREE contents to get audiences and good rating first. This will help your more important sales later a lot.
  • Give Discount for Social Share. It’ll help you get more sales and Boost your following.
  • Aim for cheap and medium priced products. Of course, too expensive products aren’t easy to sell. It’s better to make a few lower priced ones.
  • Make quality products !!

I don’t have much else to add since most of the tips on how to help teens make money online with products are on Fiverr already.

4. Wrap Up

There you have it, an awesome way for youngsters to earn some bucks without tax information.

Do you think like we are? Will you stick with Fiverr or try out Sellfy ?

Tell us more !

I want to help all teenagers earn pocket-money and more so I founded Mmo4teen. When I’m not writing or working on any projects, you can find me jamming my guitar or lifting at the gym.

Should Teenagers Blog For Money ?

Should Teenagers Blog For Money ?

We’ve all heard about it somewhere along our search for making money online right ? Write articles for money, simple as that, almost too perfect for teens. Five minutes to set up a WordPress blog, throw in a few AdSense ads and affiliate links. Then just keep it updated and wait for the money.

Blogging sounds so easy and straight-forward. Not to mention, the earning has some really awesome potentials. Most bloggers don’t even earn enough to sustain their own blogs and consider it just a hobby but those truly extraordinary bloggers see income from 10.000 to 100.000 of dollars. John Chow and Neil Patel’s websites come to mind.

Simply, making money online with blogging means writing for money. Today, let’s dig deeper !

1. Understanding Blogging for Teenagers

First of all, blogging is not just solely about writing articles, but it includes everything about sharing information. Videos, pictures, tunes, etc,…. you name it. You can find all kind of information on blogs, even YouTube videos are considered a kind of blog, or VBlog ( short for Video Blog ). That’s why blogs are so popular and popular means one thing: A lot of visitors.

Like we’ve emphasized here, visitors are the single most important factor when it comes to make money online. No visitors, no potential customers, buyers or simple no ad views. Having a handful of them; howerver, you can convert them into huge profit, provided that you know how to.

1.1. The Power of Blogging

Blogging is so powerful that they attract a huge amount of people. And since a blog is regularly updated, people keep coming back for it. The older the blog, the more visitors it has as long as it is maintained the content with really good quality.

Just imagine having a lot of returning visitors to your blog everyday and that number keeps on increasing on a daily basis. Now that’s huge potential. And since you’re starting a blog, think about it like this: It’s your blog, your personality on that blog and people like it. That’s why they’re returning for it. A blog is different from a newspaper or wiki because there are actual people behind it. We teens know how we like to connect with our friends, don’t we ? That’s exactly why blogs are so successful. It builds trust.

Well, you’ll never buy from someone you just met on the street easily. But if it’s someone you trust, like your friends, you’re a lot easier to be persuaded. Business is about building trust and currently, there’s no better way than blog.

Make Money Online For Teens With Blogging

Give blogging a try !

1.2 Teenagers’ Advantages with Blogging

Teenagers have great advantages when blogging because:

  • Have lots of free time.
  • Have good imagination.
  • Well-verse in their niches and learn really fast.
  • Enjoy sharing with others.
  • Have decent skills in computer ( actually, not much is needed )
  • What else can you think of?

Therefore, blogging is one of the best ways for teenagers to earn money online. Interested ?

Let’s find out how you can start your own blog and turn your words into cash !

Teenagers Advantages When Blogging for Money

2. How To Start Your Own WordPress Blog

In a nutshell, all you need to do is installing WordPress and you’re good to go. That’s all. Eh, of course I’ll give more instruction than that and I already did here on my post about how to set up WordPress, check it out. I can’t go over it again since it’ll make this post too long. Sorry for that mate. Let’s move on.

3. Tips For A Successful Blog

Update: I just found out about with its detailed guide on how to start your own blog. Check it out at

Now that you’ve set up your blog. Start filling it with contents is the next step and also the most important one. Content is king. People come to your blog for your content, that’s it. They don’t visit it for the beautiful design or freebies. Your content is what lure them in and keep them there so try your best to make it awesome.

Here are the few main points for you to follow:

3.1. Usefulness

People search and consume useful content. By useful, I mean things that visitors want, need or think they want or need it. For example, a cake recipe is useful to people who want to make a cake, simple as that and a video about a dog making hilarious face is also considered useful since it help some people relax.

Create something that people want, need and search for. That’s the key. Don’t go half-hearted here. Share truly useful content, such as mine  :mrgreen: . People can tell whether you’re writing for money or for the visitors themselves and I’m pretty sure you know how they’ll feel about each way of writing.

Teens Writing for Money Usefulness

Usefulness is the key

3.2. Uniqueness

We all like different things: artists, singers, fashion, etc,… The same apply for blogging. Each blogger has a different style, a different way of writing and delivering information. Many can blog about the same thing but only a few can truly succeed. It’s mostly because they stand out for their uniqueness. But unique can be both bad and good. Stay true to yourself. Express yourself. Show them what is you through your blog. If they like you, you’ll have them as loyal readers.

Teenagers like us like to be different right ? We like to express ourselves that’s why we can do extraordinary things. Your blog is how you tell the world who you are, just keep that in mind. Make your blog unique in your own way and people will come to you naturally.

Teens Earning From Blogging Uniqueness

3.3 Keep it interesting

While facts and numbers are great for demonstrating a topic, too much of them with academic writing will send people to the ZZZZ land before they can even reach half of the post. Make things interesting. Write things interested you. If even you not, how can readers be? Don’t just listing out information. Make your blog more like a knowledgeable friend than a Wikipedia page. Add jokes, personal stories, music, anything. Keep your readers entertain and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Some interesting resources:

Top 4 Most Interesting Blogs On The Internet

How To Lower Your Bounce Rate With Interesting Blog Content

3.4. Update Regularly

Your readers like new things, everyone does, keep them around by updating your blog on a daily basis. An active blog also helps with SEO since SERPs like new contents. Not to mention, it will make your readers a habit of checking news. Yeah, we all know how hard it is to change one’s habit. Remeber that doing this doesn’t mean you can keep throwing things up to keep up with the schedule. Your blog posts still need to follow the above guidelines. It’d better have few quality posts than a lot of mediocre ones.

Teens Update Blog

3.5. Plan ahead 

It’s easy for teens like us to get sucked into homework, friends, etc, … And in the end, we forget our blog. Let it collect dust day by day. And occasionally, like once a month, post something. While it is perfectly okay to do this, it’s not for those who wants to make money with their blog, you need to have a plan my friend. Think about how many posts you’re gonna have a week or a month. Plan ahead. Write parts of it from time to time or you’ll get overload writing a huge post from top to bottom all at once. Success needs planning !

4. Monetize your blog

Now that you’ve had an active blog with lots of visitors and loyal readers. It’s time to start earning from it. Here’s some starting point:

4.1 Advertisements

The easiest and most used method by bloggers. The amount of visitors and returning readers makes for a wealthy source of ad views. If your blog is focus on a specific niche, you can charge pretty high for niche ads and also get good CTR ( click-through rate ) since the people who come to your blog are already interested in the subject.

AdSense might be a good way to start or if you’re good, you can sell ads directly.

4.2 Affiliate and Products

If you’ve got a really niche blog, you can consider placing affiliate links and even selling your own products. This is noticeably harder to achieve but the return is worth as each sale can generate revenue far higher than a few thousands ad views. You’ve heard about those 15000$ affiliate commission right ?

10 Affiliate Blogs To Learn From

4.3 Premium Subscription

If you’ve got really great content and you know that people are gonna want it, you can charge a premium price on a monthly basis or per access, even for a life time. Only the very best blogger can utilize this to its fullest though.

A Good Example Of Subscription Website

5. Conclusion

Here’s a great article from The Minimalists

Blogging is a great way for teens to start earning money. Interesting. Huge potential. Train you some essential skills such as writing and SEO. So give it a try !

Do you nail it? Do you like it? FInd out sth new?

Tell us !

I want to help all teenagers earn pocket-money and more so I founded Mmo4teen. When I’m not writing or working on any projects, you can find me jamming my guitar or lifting at the gym.

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