AdFly: How Teens Make Money Online By Sharing Links?

AdFly: How Teens Make Money Online By Sharing Links?

I’m a happy teen, in a happy-making-money-online world !  *singing to the tune of Barbie Girls*

Er hem, let’s get to business and ignore all that just happened.

Have you ever clicked on a link on the Internet ? And you now may ask why I’m asking such a stupid question ? I’ll tell you later. Now how many links have you clicked on today ? Lost count ?

What if you get paid for every single links that got clicked on ? Well, not all of them, just the ones you shared but that’s already full of potential if you do things right.

In today’s post, we’re gonna take a look at another method of making money online for teens from the Get Started list ( this list ): AdFly !

1. About AdFly

Here’s AdFly’s own video about themselves.

Pretty neat huh ?

If it’s that easy to understand than my job would hold no purpose. *sad face*

AdFly is an online company that pays you to share your links that include their clients’ advertisement.

It works like this:

  1. You convert your link to AdFly format using their tool.
  2. You share the link.
  3. Someone clicks on that link.
  4. They get directed to a page that contain an advertisement.
  5. They are told to wait for 5 seconds.
  6. They get redirected to the page you wanted them to go to.
  7. AdFly pays you.

That’s the process in a nutshell.

I worked with AdFly before and they worked pretty well. Here’s some pros and cons.


  • Easy to register and use.
  • Login using Facebook.
  • Useful tools.
  • Good support.
  • Pay using PayPal.
  • Popular so visitors won’t be scared away by their ads.
  • Good creditability.


  • Hard to make much if you don’t have a fan base for your links.

On a first look, the Pros outweigh the Cons by a huge margin.

Let’s see some testimonials from their users:




And here’s to show the sheer numbers of their stats:


You know, that numbers of links keep increasing day by day. So scary!

Well, that’s enough about AdFly.

Now to get to the good part – how to use em to make money!

2. Sign up and make money with AdFly

2.1.Sign Up

Click here to go to AdFly !

When arriving at AdFly, you should see their homepage like this.


You can either Login using Facebook and start making money in mere seconds or opt for the more traditional approach of creating an account by clicking Join Now.

Login using Facebook is straight-forward and easy so I’m gonna guide you through the more old-school process of manually creating an account.

If you like to keep things organize and easy to keep track of, this is still the way to go.

Let’s start by clicking on that Join Now button.

A Registration Form will appear.


Just some normal stuff.

Fill in the form and solve the CAPTCHA ( you can make money by solving these you know, read more here ).

The important thing here is to choose the right Account Type. There are 2 types of Account but here we only focus on Link Shrinker.

Choose that and finish the form then click Join.


This is the usual form that urge us to confirm our email, but do note that the confirmation method uses here is kinda different from the norm.


As you can see, you need to enter your activation key into a form in that link.

Clicking on the link will show you the form like this.


Input your code and click Confirm Registration.

If you get this then you’re done.


Now that’s done.

Let’s move to how to use AdFly.

2.2. Using AdFly

Now you can proceed to login using your new created account and start sharing some money making links.

After you’ve logged in and get directed to your dashboard, I suggest filling in your account info and most importantly your Payment Info to ensure getting your hard earned income ASAP.

2015-06-16_1623Click on Account.


Choose PayPal at Payment Processor . Enter your PayPal email.

Next, let’s see how to shrink your links and earn with them.


Not much to say about this. Frankly, just paste your link in and press shrink and you’ll have its shortened version ready to be shared.

On a side note, there are a multitude of options you can use when shrinking your link. But that’s something you’ll have to dig into by yourself since there are so many of them and explaining them all is gonna drag this post.

Now that you’ve gotten the hang of things, I’m going to show you some tools that you might be interested in.

Click on the obvious Tools tab on the Menu.


You’ll be presented with multiple tools that help you get things done more efficiently. All of them are good, but I believe the four I highlighted are the most you’ll ever need.

Now before I forget, there’s something you need to pay attention to when it comes to payment.

Click onto Withdrawals.


Notice the Payment Requirement.


You need to reach the Cashout limit to be able to withdraw money so try to cross that limit ASAP.

Now onto everyone’s favourite Referrals. Again, it isn’t so hard to find.


You’ll get 20% Commision from your Referrals.

That’s why, remember to refer more people, it’ll add up into a large sum even before you know it.

AdFly includes a lot of options for you to utilize in order to get Referrals easily.

Link :




That’s pretty much it. You now have enough knowledge to start using AdFly and make some money online.

Especially, here’s some tips to maximize your earning.

3. Tips and tricks

3.1. Get yourself a fan base

Although you just need one person clicking on your link a day to earn money, having thousands clicking multiple links of yours on a daily basis will ensure a stable stream of income. Here’s some example I’ve found that works well:

  • Download links: This, according to my humble observation, works amazing. I know since I’ve clicked through these links dozen of times for many days. A guy opened a forum and post links of PSP isos. Since the isos are heavy, each of em require 5 or more links. You know, each iso gets 100 dowloads and also people download it everyday. Not to mention, he has his members done them.  Well, you can say he has a pretty comfortable life. You should try that sometimes.
  • Unique content: If you can provide something that people keeps going back for, you have a shot at making a lot with AdFly.

3.2. Refer more people

AdFly is a great tool to make money online. It’s great job to show other people as you can earn more from them. Though it might seem to be hard, getting a few referrals will help you big time with your income. Just get other teens, they should be interested in the stuff you do most of the time. I mean which teens doesn’t like making money online ?

3.3. Have a plan

Don’t just share links on a whim. Know your stuff. Don’t share everything with AdFly and make sure to share the things that count. And don’t be type of guy asking his classmate to click on his AdFly links on a daily basis.

4. Wrap Up

At a glance, AdFly is a killer way for teens to make money online due to its easy-to-use tools and the fact that us teens share a lot of links from day to day.

What do you think about AdFly ? What’s your special trick to make the most out of it ?

Share your thought below !

I want to help all teenagers earn pocket-money and more so I founded Mmo4teen. When I’m not writing or working on any projects, you can find me jamming my guitar or lifting at the gym.

For Fast Typing Teens: How To Make Money Online With Megatypers?

For Fast Typing Teens: How To Make Money Online With Megatypers?

If you’ve checked out the make money list, you’ll know that Megatypers is one of the easiest ways to make money online for teens.

( If you haven’t checked out the list, here’s the link  )

In a nutshell, Megatypers helps you earn money by solving CAPTCHA and then pay you through Paypal.

For today’s post, I’ll guide you through the process of signing up for Megatypers as well as give you some tips for making the most money out of it.

1. Sign up and work with Megatypers

Click here to go to Megatypers

1.1. Sign up

When you arrive at that link above, you’ll see this.2015-06-12_1141To Signup, click on the Free Signup ! button. Then, you’ll be directed to Registration.2015-06-12_1146

Just type in the information normally, but you need to pay attention to these:

  • There is no Email Confirmation field like most other registration forms so make sure to double-check your email.
  • Paypal isn’t the only Payment Type that Megatypers support.  You can go for others if you want; however, I still recommend to stick with Paypal for now.
  • This is important: The Invitation Code field is for, you guess it, entering an Invitation Code. Here’s our Invitation Code: 6EQQ. What that code do is to give its owner 10% of the total sum of money you make. So if you use our code then in this case, it’s us. Don’t worry! Nothing will be subtracted from your account since it’s  a direct reward from Megatypers. At the moment, you can’t register without entering a valid code. That’s why it would be great if you can use ours to help us support the site. Also, you might have the chance to participate in the upcoming Megatypers contest we’ll be holding.

1.2. Work

When that’s done, confirm your email if needed then proceed to login.2015-06-12_1213


You’ll see something like this.

For now, let’s just close that popup in the middle of the screen.

Then scroll down and you’ll see this very important table.2015-06-12_1217 Here’s some explanation:

The amount you’ll be paid for every 1000 CAPTCHA solve depends on the hour rate. As you can see, the green one is the current rate.

Try to work at higher paying hour to make the most money.  Though as teenagers, our time are much more flexible, that doesn’t mean you should devote all your free time into typing. Also, remember to check the Server Time. 2015-06-12_1226   Currently, there are 2 types of work :  Normal and High Speed.dI’d say you should try out Normal one to get used to how things work first.

Then move on to High Speed. Note that they say it’s on Beta right now.

If there is something you don’t understand, refer to the guide book.2015-06-12_1237That’s pretty much how things work for the most part.

Now we’re gonna talk about the Affiliates System, or the Invitation System.

2. Affiliates System

Similar to mostly the same kind, Megatypers offer you a way to earn even more money through using Invitation Code.

That’s right, the very same code at the beginning of this post.

To start, go to the Affiliates -> Code.2015-06-12_1243When you get there, add in some codes.

Get others to signup with your code and you’ll gain 10% from them.

You can even make more account by using your own code but I suspect it’s against the rules of Megatypers. You can check the progress of your codes in Dashboard.

3. Tips

Here’s a few tips I’ve accumulated through my experience with Megatypers:

  1. Take it slow. Don’t type too fast since accuracy is important. You know, too many wrongs and you’ll be kicked out, maybe even banned.
  2. Use the Affiliates System, it’ll help.
  3. Choose the highest payout rate hours, it’ll make things a lot easier.
  4. Don’t stick with it too long. Try new stuffs, check out the Get Started page.

4. Wrap Up

Megatypers is a great way to start making online with its easy to use UI, simple work and straight-forward payment process. Megatypers also works perfectly by means of funding your resources when you’re setting things up.

All in all, give it a try !

How do you think about Megatypers ? What can help make more money from it ?

Share your thought with us below !

I want to help all teenagers earn pocket-money and more so I founded Mmo4teen. When I’m not writing or working on any projects, you can find me jamming my guitar or lifting at the gym.

How Teens Can Setup Their Own Make Money Online Website With WordPress ?

How Teens Can Setup Their Own Make Money Online Website With WordPress ?

Hi, welcome to Mmo4teen !

In this post, we’ll talk about how a teenager can build their own website for free and use it to make money online.

You know, having a website is fun. You can do many things with a website of your own. It can be an online diary, photos gallery, personal blog, etc,…. But one of its most important aspects is to earn you some money. Although managing one is easy as you just need to provide content on a daily basis, simply like updating your Facebook status, building one is definitely not easy like pressing a few buttons.

Or is it ?

Probably, you’ll always think of a stereotype, a guy wearing geeky glasses writing some kinds of the ancient Roma language. Normally, it’s how we imagine of developing a website – using codes. However, these days, that’s not so true anymore. Long since is the time you have to learn HTML, Javascript, CSS and the like to make a functionable website. Nowaday, everything can be done with a few mouse clicks and some read up.

Let’s get started shall we?

1. CMS ( Content Management System )

From Wikipedia:

A content management system (CMS) is a computer application that allows publishing, editing, modifying content and also organizing, deleting as well as maintaining from a central interface.

In layman term, it’s a program that helps us manage our website while avoiding codes. There are many CMS available right now on the Internet and they all have their pros and cons; however, today, I’m focusing on the most popular and I believe the easiest to setup and customize.

2. WordPress

WordPress is a CMS, known for its ability to customize your heart content with ready-made themes and plugins, which are provided by the WordPress community. You know, the community behind it is actually one of its best aspects. You’ll be at ease to know that there’s always a place for you to look for help.

There are so many things to talk about WordPress but for the sake of today’s post, we’ll do that later, in another blog post maybe.

3. Installing WordPress

3.1. Hosting

3.1.1. Summary about web hosting

In summary, a host is the place to store your website data. Think of a folder that contains all the information you need to display on your website. From photos, videos, audio to themes, text documents, etc,….

Don’t worry if you still don’t totally understand about web hosting. We’ll discuss further into this subject another day.

But for now, let’s keep it simple by saying that if you want to have a website, a host is insisted.

3.1.2. Setup your free hosting

Hosting comes in many different prices and sizes but it’s the best to start with a free one to test things out. Today, I’m gonna guide you through the process of setting up a web host with Byethost. Byethost was the free hosting I used when I was starting out. I believe it’ll do you great work. Also, free hosting might even work for an extend period of time considering that teens like us in fact don’t have any money to get started ( that is if you haven’t tried out the Get Started page )

Click here sign up at Byethost



Click on the Free Host Sign Up button, you’ll get this:


For Site Category and Site Language, I recommend choosing Personal and English. As for Subdomain Name, just enter like this:

If you want a domain name like:, then just enter mywebsite.

Note that you won’t actually get anything like a .com domain, it’ll be something like

The rest is pretty self-explanatory, just fill them and then click Register.

You should see this:



Now go and confirm your email.

Remember to check since the email might be sent to your Spam folder.



Click on the link to confirm your email.


Wait until you get this.


Take note all the information.

*Note that all the password are the same as the one you entered when register.

Now, you need go back to Byethost and login. Here’s the link again in case you forgot.

Byethost Homepage

Click on the Login button.


Enter your info.

*Note that the Username is your email.


Click Login. You’ll be prompted to login once more.

This time into the cPanel.


The Password is the same but the Username is the cPanel Username that you’ve taken note before. You can also get access to all these info in another email that Byethost sent you.

After you’ve logged in, you’ll be presented with your cPanel.


Click on MySQL Databases.

Enter anything you want into that field and click Create Database. When the page finished reloading, take note of these info.


Now that you’ve prepared the necessary steps with your hosting.

Let’s proceed to WordPress.

3.2. Installing WordPress

First, we need to go and download WordPress from their website.

Go to WordPress homepage


Click on the Download WordPress button.


Now wait for the download to finish. Then unzip it.


You’ll get a folder like this:


Now let’s open it and mess with some files, shall we ?

Open the folder and find the wp-config-sample.php file


Now, make a copy of that file and rename it into wp-config.php

Like this.


Now let’s open the wp-config.php file and input the info you took note before.

Remember just replace the words. Keep the ‘ there.


Now that’s done. Save that file and we’ll continue.

Go to this link and get FileZilla, you’re gonna need it to work with FTP ( File Transfer Protocol ) or in layman term.

Work with your website files.

Get FileZilla here


Select the appropriate version.

If you don’t see it, click Show additional download options.

2015-06-15_1109When it finished Download.

Install it. Then open the program.

You’ll see this.

2015-06-15_1112Now Enter your FPT information there and click Quickconnect. Wait until you see this.



Double click on the htdocs folder.

You should then get to this:


Then from your computer, drag everything inside the wordpress folder,you’ve prepared before, into that place.


This number representing the number of files on your left is to transfer to your website.

Wait until it drop to 0 and we’ll continue. Gonna take some time so you’d better go check some new Facebook status or a few round of Candy Crush Saga.



If it shows you this, just choose the following and click Ok.



After it’s done, go to your website from your browser.

You’ll get this cool looking thing here.


Choose your language then click Continue.



Fill in the info there.

*Note that if you don’t want to let Google or other search engine index the site, untick the box that say Allow search engine to index this site. This can be changed later.

Then click Install WordPress.


And that’s pretty much of it, but let’s try login and see our work.


Enter your login credentials and Log In.



This is called the WordPress Dashboard. You’d better get used to it since you’ll spend most of your time here.

Click on the top left corner area with your site name. It’ll take you to your website, your new WordPress website to be precise !

Taddaa !


Phew, now that was hard work, but it was fun right? Now I need some Pokemon to reward myself.

Huh ? You want some more tips ? Hehe, nice one.

Here’s some more then I’ll beat some Elite Four.

4. Notes and Tips

  • You can try this method of installing WordPress with any free or paid hosting, the process will mostly be the same.
  • A so much easier way to install WordPress is by using an automate installer that comes with the most hosting. I didn’t show that here because free hosting usually comes with an old version of software or doesn’t even have automate installer. And frankly, this is a better way to do things to prevent bloat and help you get the hang of how to deal with files and such.
  • Instead of using FileZilla, you can try using the default file manager in the cPanel. It gonna be a bit harder though, depending on your host.
  • Always backup your installation when you’re using free host as they tend to suspend you without warning and no point in getting it back unless you upgrade to paid ( I’ve learned it the hard way ).
  • The htdocs folder varies from hosting to hosting. It might be called public.html or something like that. Remember to check with your hosting provider first.

5. Wrap Up

Using free hosting with WordPress is the best way to test things out and develop your website before putting it into use. This is also one of your first steps to venture the world of making money online. Good luck, teenagers !

What do you think about WordPress ? Are there any easier ways to install it ? What is the best free hosting you’ve found ?

Share us your thoughts in the comment section !

I want to help all teenagers earn pocket-money and more so I founded Mmo4teen. When I’m not writing or working on any projects, you can find me jamming my guitar or lifting at the gym.

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