No, you didn’t read it wrong, I did mean “offline”. Sounds weird huh ? How can the Internet help you make money offline ? Well, it can, but just helping, it’s not gonna be the main player in getting you some nice amount of money without an existing offline plan.

Read on if this is still confusing 🙂

I. Example On How Online Methods Can Help Your Offline Business

Let’s take Domino Pizza, KFC or any of your favourite fast food restaurants. Ever wanted to order something to your place ? You’ll need their phone number and the menu right ? That’s where their websites come in to play. It contains all the necessary information with a nice UI. Imagine if they didn’t have a website, it’ll be a pain for any teenagers or anyone to order stuff and hurt their sales dramatically.

Domino Pizza Teen Website

You see where I’m going with this huh ?

Yes, although the money they make are from offline sources, by selling food, a website helps doing that. There are a lot of other similar cases, like online clothes shops, yearbook design ( you can design your yearbook online then they’ll create it and ship to ya ), etc,…

Here’s a list of some ways the Internet can help boost your offline income:

  • A website for your business: Give people information, help with online orders, reservations, etc, …
  • Get you more social awareness
  • Search engines help others find your business easier
  • Pretty much everyone expect a good business to have a website
  • Makes you look more professional

There’s still a lot more considering the power of the online world but those should be enough to get you started.

II. Should A Teen Apply These Practices ?

Well, if you ask me then absolutely !

A. For Customer Support

Most of the time, a website will be what you are aiming for, or a forum for customer support and if you’ve followed my guide here on how to build a simple website, it should be easy. Or if you really don’t want to spend too much time doing it and would rather use those time on other more important things, we’ll do it for ya 😎

Teenagers Customer Services

To be honest, a website helps immensely in any kind of business, especially in customer support, if you’re selling things ( which is what most teenagers do ), then an online customer service is pretty much a must. Not only will it make the customer feel more comfortable but you might also be able to inform them about other more suitable products. They’ll buy more stuff and everyone will be happy.

B. Social Media Pages

If you don’t feel the need of a website then at least a social media page should be added. Most of the time, this will be a Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus page. Most social network pages nowadays include the necessary tools to help you and your customers get in touch with each other, promote special offers, update news and announcements and many more. They also make it easier for others to find your business considering most people own a social network account, if not many of them. Not to mention it will be a lot more simple for someone to share your pages to their friends and family through social media. You’re a teenager, you know how easy it is for a piece of content to go viral on the Internet. Imagine how nice would it be for that piece of content to be yours and gain access to tons of potential buyers.

Teen Use Online Technique For Income Social Media

Since people can also follow, like or subscribe to your page, it removes the need to follow-up on customers since that’ll automatically be done for you by the social platform itself.

One of the coolest aspect in my opinion is the ability to show the amount of “followers” your website has. Not only will this increase credibility but also show user engagement which furthermore persuade people to interact more with your page.

C. Online Order

Pretty much anything can be order online these days and many customers take it for granted that any business should support online ordering. It make sense, instead of having to go to the store and check out all the different things or involve talking to a phone receptionist, an online ordering system remove the potential of miscommunication and basically give the buyer more freedom since they can easily browse and customize what they want. Also, it’ll make things easier on your part too, only need to follow the order and not needing to communicate with the customers. Not that communication isn’t good but sometimes, it’s just better this way.

Online Ordering For Young People

III. Wrap Up

Not much to say about this topic really, it’s pretty much common sense to utilize the power of the Internet to give your offline business a much-needed boost. The goal of this post was to go a bit more in-depth into the matter and list out some pros of this practice. Although you will need to familiarize yourself with how to run an online aspect of your business and have an extra thing to take care of, I assure you that the gain is more than justifiable. Or do you think the opposite ?

Would you use any online tactic to boost your offline income ?

Share your idea below.


I want to help all teenagers earn pocket-money and more so I founded Mmo4teen. When I’m not writing or working on any projects, you can find me jamming my guitar or lifting at the gym.

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