Get to know more about the team behind Mmo4teen and exactly how we are going to help you make the precious hours you spend on the Internet works for you while having fun !


Who Are We ?

We are a group of students that just like to try out new ideas on making money online and to just have some fun. We’re gonna help you build your own online business to make a nice amount of pocket money and other bigger things !

I wanted to do a lot of things when I grow up. Lots of dream and such. And I thought that everything will be great when I get older. But then again, we all know how life goes. I see people go to work everyday to prepare themselve to work the next day.But I didn’t want to let things go like that so I searched online for the keyword that changed everything forever:”Make Money Online”.
I decided to get a course and follow it. Good things I wasn’t scammed ( yet ). I learned how to build websites, do SEO, copywriting and such. It was rough of course, learning so much knowledge at once without guidance sucks. And not to mention the paid courses everywhere. But the most frustrating thing is, all of them are aimed at adults who have money to pay for premium things and with different skills and time-usage so most of them was unusable. And then, when I decided to invest in something, I got scammed big time – 50$ and 4 months full of hope. So that was how the idea of Mmo4teen came to – a comprehensive community that provide all services, information, courses and resources to help teens make money online without being scammed !
Me along with Huy started the site with another 50$ for hosting and we worked toward it. Designing, writing, everything was so new and definitely really different from what you think just by reading articles and watching Youtube videos. But all in all, we launched Mmo4teen on August 6 2014 for the first time ever, everything was still a mess but we knew that we were on track. There was still a lot to work on the core features and such so we didn’t really have anything to provide yet until now.

We’ll help you with:


Social Media

Contrary to popular belief, Facebook, Twitter and the likes aren’t just place for us to post our latest selfies or a joke from 9Gag. We’ll show you exactly how to utilize the amazing social tools to sky-rocket your public appeal and income.


Something like running a business while still in school is gonna be hard to cope up with without a way to get your parents helping or at the very least, not hinder you. And well, we’ve just the right amount of experience for this.

Product Creation

The very basic of making money, online or offline, is having a product. Whether it’s a physical product, an information one or your very own time and skills, we’ll give you access to all the tips and tricks that’ll help you make it a success.


Bet you didn’t think about this when arriving at our site. Although not really related, juggling school efficiently is a neccesity to make sure your business can grow without any problems.


If you’ve heard about it then don’t be afraid, we’ll give you all the tools you ever need to rank your content. If you haven’t then, well, let’s just say you’re gonna get to know it real soon !

Technical Stuffs

Most people think that you need to be a computer wiz or study programming like crazy to be able to make a dime online. While generally speaking you need to know how to use a computer, we’ll show you that it’s pretty easy.


Content creation is essential to making money online no matter how you put it. It doesn’t matter if you got an A+ on Literature or just flat out dread it, we’ll help you write work that’ll amaze even your teachers.


It’s important that you’re having fun even while “working”, actually, you should be having fun doing anything. And we’ll also help you with that so no worries !
Thong Nguyen La

Thong Nguyen La


I wanted to change how everyone thinks about teenagers and build an empire on the Internet so I founded Mmo4teen. I’m in charge of handling all technical related aspect of the site, brain-storming new ideas to further expand the site and checking how everyone’s doing. I’m the one that’ll help you with everything technical or design related. I enjoy going to the gym, playing guitar or watch some anime.
Anh Thu Le Ba

Anh Thu Le Ba


I'm Thu, I love drawing, reading comics, listening to music and hanging out with friends. I am particularly interested in online business and usually spend time finding out different ways to make money online for us teenagers. I really enjoy writing posts here in hope of sharing with you some of my experience and creating a site for young potential entreprenuers, as well as making more friends worldwide. Find me on Facebook or Instagram for some of my drawings ^^

Gia Huy Nguyen Ngoc

Gia Huy Nguyen Ngoc

Co Founder/Errant Boy

Huy's a typical otaku. That's pretty much sums him up but behind all those anime and collectibles are a dude with hard work on his sleeves. He isn't the most skilled when it comes to technical problems or has the most beautiful writing but if it's something that can be done with time and effort, he'll surely deliver in time. With that, he'll surely finish all your comments in time with our Commenting service.


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Our information-packed posts help teens make money online easy and efficiently without much technical skills and time needed. And by teens, we mean you !

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You’ll get instant update of all of our posts and news. Not to mention lightning fast response when you contact us through our contact form !

Great Services

Our high quality line of services will help any teens jump start their online business or expand it into something extraordinary.  We’re looking forward to working with you !

Vibrant Community

Don’t know where to look for some advice or just needing some help with your new ideas ? Join our ever growing forum and make new friends as well as some money !

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