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On today’s post, let’s talk about how teenagers can make money with online courses, tutorials and similar thing.

These days, you can learn many things on the Internet from web design, Photoshop to cooking, sports and any other things you can think of. And most of the time, you can learn all of this for free ! Like exactly what you’re doing right now – learning how to earn online income – by reading our posts  🙂

Teen Making Online Money With Courses

Although any kind of courses and tutorials can be found for free online, some of the times, they are hard to find and of low quality. What you pay is what you get, especially when you’re not paying for it ! That’s where premium study materials come into play. People usually want the whole package, a full comprehensive guide with lots of detailed information, quality images and videos. Most of us follow the saying:

Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. it will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.

That’s why people don’t mind paying big bucks for training courses and studying, you can find pricing goes up to the thousands for access to big conferences, training courses, speeches, etc,… with lots of people willing to pay for them. The same holds true for online learning materials.

It takes lots of money to develop a 1000$ course but sometimes, a 5$ tutorial series on using Photoshop will do the work just fine. And sometimes, it might even work better considering its more accessible aspect. You can find a lot of buyers which in turn will help you make a lot of money with minimum investment compare to the higher tier product. But of course we’re talking about the investment – profit RATIO not the actual PROFIT. But nonetheless, you’ll make a nice amount.

Teens Selling Online Courses

Sometimes, something simple like this works just fine

Well, I’ve been dragging this out too much. Let’s get started then !

I. What Kind Of Courses Should A Teen Create ?

Now this is a pretty difficult or simple question to answer since anything that can be taught with videos, images, texts and even audio can be made into a course. Popular subject people usually choose are computer skills, cooking, language and music. To be specific, Photoshop, Microsoft Office tutorials for computer geeks, guitar or flute tutorials if you know how to play them or anything. As long as you find it possible to teach people without actually being with them in person. Or to be more specific, things that others can learn just by using the materials you can provide.

So, here’s a basic list I came up with of some online courses for teenagers to create:

  • Computer training  ( things like Photoshop, Web Design, etc,…)
  • Cooking
  • Musical Instruments
  • Handmade
  • Fitness
  • Language
  • Games
  • Self-Development ( This is pretty hard and it’s rather rare for people to buy this from a teenager so be cautious if you decided to try this )
  • Add your own in the comment section 🙂
What Online Courses Can A Teenager Sell

There are plenty of categories to choose from

So now that we’ve known about what kind of online courses we can create, let’s get to how to actually creating them !

II. How Teenagers Can Create An Online Course

Well, depends on how professional you want your course to look, feel and use, the process to creating a course will have lots of differences.

You can choose the easy way, capture some videos of you showing people how to get things done or just writing on the white board, give them a name, put them into a zip file and congratulation, you’ve just finished making a course. This is by no mean a professional course, it’s more like a small tutorial series. But sometimes, things like that can net you some great income because of the low production cost and you can even make multiple of them because of the fact that they are so easy to make. The only downside is, they are too popular.

Many teenagers chose YouTube over this method because people can just do exactly that, find these tutorial videos on the Internet without paying anything. You can still earn money through YouTube though. But if you only want to make a quick 100$, this might works wonder, provided that you are certain that someone is definitely gonna buy what you’re selling, I found a great article over at Elegant Themes for this.

Teen Make Money WIth YouTube

YouTube just works better for simple video course

But if you want to make your courses more professional, here’s a few things to try:

  • Add in an opening and ending animation for your videos, most of the time, it’ll be your brand so make it looks nice
  • Add in some text documents complemented with nice images
  • A few recordings would be good too
  • A manual for using the course, in PDF form ( people are used to using PDF for manual )
  • Use high quality recorders
  • Make your video looks nice, edit them, use light, all of those movie magic, don’t just film something with your phone and call it a day
  • Include tables, plans and other form of “references”, this can go a long way in showing professionalism and your attention to details
  • If possible, maybe make it web base, provide your customers with an account and password to login and use your course. This helps in security too, preventing piracy.
  • Good, clear and minimal design helps greatly in presenting a course

There are of course many more ways a teenager can make their courses look more polish but the above are pretty much enough to get you started. Remember, professionalism almost always comes with money. This is especially true with online business since it’ll differentiate you from the competitors. Considering the sheer amount of people trying to sell something on the Internet, that fact proves its worth.

How Teenagers Can Make Professional Products

Professionalism Sells

Now in the next post we’ll get a bit more serious and aim to create a professional course, which most of the time will be what you want to do if you’re into making lots of cash ( by lots of, I mean compare to the work you put in ).

And yes, this is gonna be a post series so stay tune guys ! What do you want to know more in the next post ? Tell us your ideas in the comment section 🙂

I want to help all teenagers earn pocket-money and more so I founded Mmo4teen. When I’m not writing or working on any projects, you can find me jamming my guitar or lifting at the gym.

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