Remember the time when I wrote about Fiverr ? Well, recently, a friend of mine who is very talented in music, pointed me to Sellfy, which is basically Fiverr but has a more specific category of product and no services and also a lot easier to use. Especially, whatdaya know, NO TAX ! Yes you heard that right, no tax information anywhere, hooray !

Finally there’s a way for teens to make money online without the need of tax information ! ( Actually, AdFly and Megatypers have already had that ) :mrgreen:

Let’s get started !

1. About Sellfy

Here’s Sellfy own description about themselves from their own About page:

With Sellfy, selling digital products to your audience is as easy as sharing a link. Don’t have a large audience, but make kick-ass content ? Join Sellfy Market – a place where people discover the best digital content directly from creators.


Whether you decide to sell your digital goods on Sellfy Market or no, the price still is the same 5%. And best of all ? Your earning are transferred to your account instantly. How cool is that ?

To be truthful, they summed themselves up perfectly, I have nothing else to add here. But here’s my comment anyway, they might be too obvious but I spent a lot of time for this so *puppy eyes*

  • Really professional website design, the best I’ve seen and you can definitely see the similarity with Fiverr. You know, one of our rules of thumb, good site design means reliable ( to some point ). I’ll write a post about how to pick reliable websites later. Teens need to be careful with their money, especially online.

    Sellfy Professional Website design

    That is just gorgeous. Even better than I admit ._.

  • Easy to use interface and straight-forward Sign Up process. You can already see the Sign Up form when arriving at the homepage. And Login with Facebook is a breeze, pretty much seamlessly. Just a click and you’re all set. The interface of a sales page is also really minimal and clean, the same goes for the Setting pages. All and all, their design and functionalities are at the top of the game.
  • Great user base. You can probably feel how big the site is by looking at the number right on the Homepage, certanily added to its reliability and also tell you a bit more about the customer base.
  • Lots of great features: Discounted price. Reviews and rating. You name it.Sellfy's Great Features For Teens
  • No Tax: No need to say more, slab your PayPal email address in and you’re all set. There are some tax options that I will go through later but you don’t really need to care about them. Just like they said, make a sale and receive money instantly. Yipee !

Sellfy don’t really have something you’d call a Con but I’ll be picky and pick out some grain that might be interesting to you ( feel like Cinderella ). So here’s some minor Cons I’ve found:

  • Don’t have the top features like Fiverr such as extra bonus or fast delivery time for a higher price considered that Sellfy only allow selling ready-made media contents downloaded able instantly.Download Products Instantly With Sellfy
  • Some may consider that the website is a bit too boring and not as lively as Fiverr. I also agree to this. The site doesn’t really have anything to give off the sense of a flourishing market like Fiverr. Maybe it’s because of the lack of services and at such, lack of human faces that we human always like.

    Teen make money online with Fiverr

    Human’s faces and the active sentences really make Fiverr look lively

  • Lack the option for selling services like Fiverr. This is both a Pros and Cons IMHO since the customers won’t be confused because they know they are here to buy ready-made media file; however, you won’t make money as a freelancer which a lot of teens love. But well, you’ve already got Fiverr for that ( along with a lot of competition sadly ).
  • You’ll need rather unique or quality content to make sales since I notice lots of great contents from professional artists.

That was my not so short summary about Sellfy as well as its Cons and Pros.

Now let’s get into the good part. How teens can make money online with Sellfy by selling digital contents ?

2. How Teens can Make Money Online with Sellfy ?

As usual, signing up is easy and straight-forward. Just enter your info or sign up with Facebook – teenagers’ best friend.

Remember to set up your payment setting first.

When that’s done, let’s start creating your product. You’ll see something like this:

Sellfy's Simple Product Creation Interface

A really neat feature of Sellfy is the ability to discount a customer if they share your Product on Social Networks or use Discount Codes ( great for branding and affiliate sort of campaign ). Remember to check those out.

About the taxes options, I’d suggest leaving them at default. If you’d like to know more, check the FAQ.

Sellfy's Simple But Effective Discount Options

That’s basically it. Just set up a product and let it go. You don’t really need to keep taking in orders. Although it would be a good idea to update or discount it once in awhile. Sellfy is actually a really great source of passive income. Have a few good products and you’ll make a lot with minimal effort.

3. Tips on Maximizing Sellfy Income

Here’s some tips to help you maximize your income with Sellfy:

  • Sell some FREE contents to get audiences and good rating first. This will help your more important sales later a lot.
  • Give Discount for Social Share. It’ll help you get more sales and Boost your following.
  • Aim for cheap and medium priced products. Of course, too expensive products aren’t easy to sell. It’s better to make a few lower priced ones.
  • Make quality products !!

I don’t have much else to add since most of the tips on how to help teens make money online with products are on Fiverr already.

4. Wrap Up

There you have it, an awesome way for youngsters to earn some bucks without tax information.

Do you think like we are? Will you stick with Fiverr or try out Sellfy ?

Tell us more !

I want to help all teenagers earn pocket-money and more so I founded Mmo4teen. When I’m not writing or working on any projects, you can find me jamming my guitar or lifting at the gym.

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