Making money online for teen? Countless ways.

For teen? Also.

Trying to learn them all? A tedious and rough road.

Teens can earn money with a lot of different websites, some of which has already been covered on our blog as well as on the Make Money Page. But in general, there are just a few basic tricks for you to make an income online. Understand them thoroughly and you’ll be able to up your game by a large margin. Today’s post will give you a complete overview of the many ways to make money online and its other various aspects. It’s gonna be long so get your focus ready !

Let’s get started !

1. Introduction

We all need that green piece of paper to get the things we need and usually, the things we want. Money is crucial to our today life. Even though most of us doesn’t need to support the family or being the main source of income for our home, we still need some kind of currency to fulfill our own need. And a teenager has a lot of needs  🙂


It’s all about the $$$

So, when people need money, they look for a rainbow and try to find the gold pot at the end or sometimes, they look for a job. Most of the time, you can easily find a decent job with some skills on your sleeves or a Master Degree of some sort but before writing your perfect resume, you’ll need to be 18 or higher first !


Pots of gold are good if only you can find one.

Yes, it’s not easy for teens to find a job or to be more precise, a way to earn money. And that’s where we start doing some gardening work, some chores, babysitting or walk someone’s dog around. They certainly work, and they work great most of the time. Or they used to. With the advancement of technology and most noticeably, the Internet, why not try something better ?

The Internet is great for many things like watching videos, social media interaction and searching for information but it also works wonder to help teens make some dollars. With so many successful stories about young entrepreneurs making thousands or even millions of dollars online, why not jump in and start your own journey ?

Now that my long and boring speech has ended. Let’s get to the really good stuff.

2. The Basic of make money online for teens

Now, let’s go through how exactly one does make money. Before we talk about online, let’s think about the offline aspect. Money is a currency that is used to trade for things. So no matter how you look at it, the only way to acquire money is to trade. You can trade goods such as food or ur own effort, time and skills, also known as a job.

Trading For Money

Making money is all about trading.

The Internet helps us find a job easier since there is a lot of things one can do without needing to reach 18 and there is no need for delivery or taxes and so on. All you need to do is to find someone that is in need of something, give them that and they’ll reward you with some good bucks.

Let’s look through some main ways to generate income:

2.1. Advertisements

This is what most will think of first when hearing the word “make money online” and you can’t blame them with so many ads floating around literally everywhere you go and it’s also the main source of income for huge website like Facebook and YouTube, even Google is a big advertiser if you didn’t know.

Teens Ad Network

Ad Network will help you take care of all the technical hassle.

You can either place ads on your site by dealing directly with an advertiser or more commonly, through an Ad Network. They are the middle man that help connect advertisers to publishers and take some kind of commission. Ad Network will take care of almost everything so that you can focus on getting more visitors. Here’s some good resources:

To earn money from advertisements, first try to access to as many visitors as you can, potential customers for the advertisers. That’s why Facebook, YouTube and most blogs with a big number of readers on the Internet prefer ads so much. Another bonus to this is that the process is mostly automated. You set up ads and then focus on how to get visitors, everything else will be handled by the advertisers. You just need to get a lot of people and wait for your earning.

Teens Make Money Online With Advertisements

Ads are everywhere nowadays.

But at the same time, this hugely popular methods of making money suffers from “poor earning”. Don’t expect to earn a few thousands dollars with a blog that has only 10 readers. To make a decent amount, you would need to get your site to the hundred thousands or millions and for extraordinary income, you need to be somewhat like this guy:

On 15 August 2013, PewDiePie’s channel became the most subscribed on YouTube, the channel has reached over 38.3 million subscribers as of July 2015.

He currently has 37 million subscribers and generates over $4 million in ad sales per year.

That’s some big number there but you don’t need to make that much if all you want is buying a new book. Here are some good ways to start with advertisements for teenagers:


Don’t let his crazy eyes fool you, he is the king of YouTube.

  • Start a blog: Yep, blogging is the start of everything. Install WordPress. Put in some ads and start posting. We’re here to setup and design your blog if you’re interested.
  • Sharing links: If you have a lot of links to share, notably download links for popular games or software, something like AdFly will help you make a decent sum of money at the end of the month with minimum effort.

To sum up, advertisements is a straightforward method you can try when starting out but expect to put in lots of effort to really pays off.

2.2 Offer your skills


Teens Offer Your Skills

Your skills are your best assets.

Getting paid for a job still applies perfectly to the Internet world. Although most of us can’t get a job at any company, there are so many things that a teenager can do to earn some money:

  • Survey: The ever popular survey is one of the oldest and most well-known method for people looking for a part-time job. It’s easy and pays out well, 1$ to 2$ for answering a few questions about yourself. What can be a better deal ? However, with many others easy to do things, the total payout isn’t that great since you won’t get to fill in an unlimited number of surveys. Also, who wouldn’t be bored doing that ? You can go with multiple survey sites to compensate those but watch out for scams ! And depends on your country, you may or may not have any surveys at all, such at mine  😥
Teens Earning Income With Survey

Survey can be a great way to earn

  • Completing tasks: Think of em like online babysitting or dish washing. There are generally 2 main types: Either things that you do offline like “check the price tag of something near you” for someone on the Internet or do something straight on the Internet like build a website or make a logo. If you have a skill that might be useful to others, consider giving Fiverr a try. Or alternatively, something like Megatypers would work nicely for those that have some decent typing skill. Remember to only try out things that are suitable for teenagers or exactly, giving payment that teens can access.

Earning money from the internet? Million and billion ways. Just look it up. There’s always something.

Check out these:

2.3. Selling or Promoting products or Services

2.3.1. Promoting:

Sure you can utilize the above two methods to make a decent sum of money, even a lot if you manage to work things out. But let’s turn our attention to the absolute gold mine of the Internet.

The Internet is now widely available for everyone. As a result, it’s an ever growing market with a lot of sellers that want to promote their products and services to a huge pool of consumers. And that’s where you come in, to act as their affiliate. In a way, promoting a products or services is kinda like placing advertisements, but actually a lot more complex and in return, a much bigger payout rate.

Online Market Place

Everything is moving toward the Internet. The market is no exception.

Generally, you’ll get a percentage ( usually decided by the sellers ) of the product or service’s price. Usually they have really big price or you’ll earn a very high percentage.

Persuading someone to buy a product or apply for a service is a lot harder than having them simply view an ad. Then work harder on providing quality content. Just think of how hard they work to sell a physical product. All those TV ads and hiring celebrities and all. But when the beauty of the Internet comes to play, you don’t have to work hard to achieve great sales. Only work smart.

Teenagers Work Smarter

Be smart 🙂

Buying and selling things online is more about trust than anything else. Make money online is either about getting in lots of people or having a number of people that trust you. If your visitors don’t trust you, well, don’t hope to gain any sales from them. And once they do, they’ll buy pretty much anything you promote as long as they believe it’ll work for them. That’s why if something isn’t good, don’t promote it. To build trust, first be a trustworthy person.

Teens Find And SellProduct

You don’t need the telescope though.

There’s a common fact among people that make lots of money on the Internet or anywhere else, they are all very HONEST and FRIENDLY. Take PewDiePie for example, he doesn’t just play video games and makes tons of money. He connects to all his fans. Answers all their questions and treat them as his friends, not just people he uses to make money from. That’s why people like him, keep coming back for more and bring him a fortune in the process. So remember the most important thing is to make people like and trust you. If possible, make them love you.  🙂

Building Trust For Money

Profit always points toward trust.

To achieve that, you need to constantly provide them with quality content and find more ways to make them feel like they are receiving a lot from you. Humans like to return the favor, it’s kinda like a part of us. Like how us teen usually “like” someone’s Facebook post if they liked ours”. If you’re planning to promote a 50 dollars course to your visitors than you’d better give them something that worth more than that. And no, I’m not saying that you should give them 51 bucks, I mean to provide them with some really good stuff that they know they are much more worth than your promotion.

When choosing a good product to promote, don’t focus on the amount that you COULD BE making. Focus on whether it actually benefit for your visitors. If it isn’t, you’re not gonna make anything.

Earn Income With Quality Content

Content is still king

2.3.2 Selling:

Selling your own products or services is essentially promoting what you’re providing. So it’s both harder and easier than promoting someone else’s. It’s harder because you’ll first have to create a good product then promote its great features without sounding biased. Well, the young usually has a big ego, also not easy to control that’s why try not to sound too high and mighty when you’re offering something.

Make Money Online For Teens How Teenagers Can Earn Money Online Overview Sell Product

It’s a good idea to try and sell your own products after you’ve tried promoting others.

Another great thing when being the seller is having other people promote your services. Just like you above.

We’ll discuss this later.

In the meanwhile, check out these links:

Frankly, that’s pretty much all the core basic of making money online for teens or for anyone. Just expand from them and you’ll find yourself progress extremely fast.

3. Where to Get Fund for your Online Business Project ?

This is a great question and often asked by teenagers who don’t have access to much ( pocket ) money or any money at all.

In short, you don’t need any money at all to make money online. Most of the methods described in our posts for that matter will be free to join and any kind of fee will be entirely optional. If a page ask for your money to let you make money from it, it’s gonna be scam most of the time ( especially surveys ! ) so keep an eye out.

But in many ways, you do need some small amount of money to start a good website or get some Gigs on Fiverr for things you can’t do. We’ll go over funding when making money on the net later in its own post. But for now, if you need funding, do things need not fee and use that income.

4. Extras

Now that you’ve understood the core basic of online money making. Let’s take a look at other important aspects affecting your work and in turn, your income.

4.1. Information is Key

While the saying “Stop planning, start doing” is never wrong, you should never dive in without having any knowledge beforehand. Always read up about what you’re trying to do. If you’re planning to take on survey, check which sites are good and what tips you can utilize. If Fiverr is your thing, find out how to make your Gig stand out or what’s the best price for your targeted audiences.

Remember : Understand thoroughly what you’re gonna do first. Then get to business.

4.2. Stop Planning, Start Doing !

Eh.. Nope. I’m not being contradicted here. Using your information to plan out things is one of the most important factors of your success only if you follow the plan. What I’m trying to say is, don’t wait for that “perfect time” because it will never be there. I’ve been there once. You know, my team and I kept focusing on polishing the site and forum down to the very last flecks of dust. And keep telling ourselves that we would write the posts and promote our services when the website is ready. In fact, it will never be that “ready” and you wouldn’t have any thing to read about online income if we kept that way of thinking because till today, there’s still many things not finished ( looking at the forum 🙂 )

So, just do it.

Get a blog without waiting till summer.

Read about SEO even when you still have some homework ( remember to finish them though, don’t blame me if you get bad grade 🙂 ).

Act fast and you’ll see result soon.

4.3. Get help

The help you’ll need depends on how you plan to tackle the business. In generally, there’ll be things not on your comfort side so it would be better to ask for support since using that time to do something else would be more efficient. Or, you might even need help on the easiest things as to spend your time and effort on things you need to learn and do yourself. Like I usually ask my friends to help me find images from google to make posts more interesting while I can do it myself. Why? It’d be better for me to work on the design and technical part as no one else in the team can. Therefore, remember to work smart with your teammates. Your effort will be paid off !

5. Conclusion

This has been a great post and I enjoy written it a lot. Hope you’ve also enjoyed reading this.

So now that you’ve got all the fundamental knowledge about money making online for teenagers,

What do you think should be added ?

Share with other teens your must-have tips and tricks in the comment below !

I want to help all teenagers earn pocket-money and more so I founded Mmo4teen. When I’m not writing or working on any projects, you can find me jamming my guitar or lifting at the gym.

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