The make-money-online world is huge. And I wanna emphasize HUGE ! As teenager, we have the ability to learn things faster and better by means of Internet but it doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to start and what to do at a specific time.

To make it easier to understand, imagine you were trying to learn how to ride a bicycle. Well, depending on your style, some steps might change but normally, things will go like this: First of all, you’ll need to learn how to balance on the bicycle. So you’ll try on a 3 or 4 wheelers first, then after you’ve got confident with it, you’ll start the actual challenge by balancing on the real bike. First, you’ll need someone to help you stable the bike, help you get up and such. Probably, you’ll constantly use your leg as to stop falling down to the ground. Eventually, you’ll stop needing someone else and try practicing yourself. Though you still need that leg, you finally learned how to balance yourself and actually move the bike without touching your foot on the ground. When that’s done, you’ll start riding it around the yard, then the sidewalk and streets. And in the end, you can ride it everywhere ! child-riding-balance-bike

Now I’m not trying to show you how to ride a bike, I’m showing you that everything has its steps when learning. Musical instruments, sports, languages, you name it, you need a base to learn then develop and always from the easy first then move on. But the question here is, how does that apply to make money online ? Interested ? That’s what we’ll cover on today’s post. How should teen approach the make money online world ?

1. Read up stuffs

No matter what you’re trying to learn, you need to have information first. So what I recommend you to do when you’ve decided to venture into the world of make money online is to look things up first. You can start searching the keyword “make money online” or to be more specific “make money online for teens”. In my opinion, you should try searching the first keyword then move on to the latter. This searching will help you get a general idea about what is out there. Who has had success in the field ? How did they do it ? What are some of the way to make money online and where to look for good information ? But the most crucial aspect is: SCAM ! Look around and you’ll find more scams than legit info, most of them all get coated with professionally edited videos, charming voice acting and “inspirational back story” and usually has these phrase: “I don’t need your money” “With absolutely no skills and a few minutes a day, you’ll be making *a stupidly huge amount of money, six-figures like* while doing nothing” “This will change your life forever !” scm Those things… And they all sound too convincing. You’ll run into those A LOT when you’re searching for information so keep an eye out. I recommend these pages for good info: First of all, I’ll be biased and lead you to Mmo4teen Blog page  🙂 And here’s some other pages JohnChow.Com ProBlogger MozSeo You can find many more but beware of scams !

2. Get into action

When you’ve got a good grasp of how to make money online, it’s time to put the knowledge into action and start making some small bucks. Here’s some guidelines for you to follow but you can switch things up a bit if you’re feeling like it:

  • Always choose something with PayPal or a reputable online payment so that you know the site you’re working with is trustworthy and you can get a hold of your hard-earned money easily. Not to mention teens shouldn’t really use checks.
  • Try the fast things first. Those such as Megatypers, AdFly and other quick and small online “jobs” because they cost little time and give you more experience .
  • Don’t stick with only one thing. For sure, it might be tempting to make more money with something you’ve discovered but by doing so, you’re leaving a lot of opportunities out especially building your own website and blog, which probably make a lot more money than Megatypers or AdFly or the likes if done right ( except for YouTube, that thing is a great money machine too ).
  • Leave blogging and building websites for later. They should be the last thing you do but a must. No matter what you’re doing, without a website or blog, there are no way for you promote yourself to the Internet world and thus, less customers, leading to poor income.
  • Don’t buy anything even if it sounds too good to let by ( most of the time, it’s scam ). Trust me when I say that you don’t need any special software or product in the early days because you don’t. It’s better to learn how to do things manually first and not to mention, with your current state, using those will be kinda wasted. ( Ignore this tip for the below one ).
  • Get a course. A good course will make you a lot more productive, especially if it includes a plan for you to follow. Just remember not to be scammed, search first. And of course, I’ll keep biasing about Mmo4teen courses which can be found here: Mmo4teen Courses 


3. A Bare-bone Plan for you to follow


Here’s a model plan I made that you can use as a base to draw ur own plan on how to approach the make-money-online world. Crucial and a huge different, making a plan is.

  1. Search about “Make Money Online” : 2 weeks
  2. Test out all the specific ways to make money online: 2 weeks
  3. Review everything: 2 days
  4. Learn more advance stuffs like SEO, WordPress and Affiliate Marketing: 1 month
  5. Optional: Follow a Course.
  6. Start building your own website and blog: 2 months ( make it looks good and work smooth )
  7. Polish everything.
  8. Implement all you’ve learned and set up your Make Money Online Project with a clear goal income and deadline.
  9. Keep learning and working.
  10. Advance ( we’ll discuss that later ).

4. Work as a team

No teens can make ( much ) money online alone, you’ll need help, a lot of it when dealing with the sheer volume of information and workload. And it’s a lot more fun which makes things more productive. But be careful when picking a team. Don’t just take in everyone and anyone. Don’t hope that person will remain in the team for long and certainly, don’t promise anything at all. Believe me, our Mmo4teen team is a mess itself ( I’ll cover more about team building in a post in the near future ). Team

Try and pick one team member for a niche but don’t recruit too many people, from 3 to 4 people is the most optimal:

  1. An all-around manager ( 99% of the time, this should be you. If not, make it so )
  2. Tech guy to handle all the technical problem related to the aspect of your website or just the Internet at a whole. Pick this position wisely. Nothing will work if this guy is lazy or simply doesn’t have skills.
  3. Writer, someone who is decent with Literature to make editing wordings and blog posts smoothly.
  4. Anything you feel missing or another person for an existing position.

Your team will either make or break your project so make sure to choose it well.

5. Wrap up

The world of make money online is huge and unforgiving but with the right mindset and approach, you’ll be making money in no time !

What do you recommend a teenager first time venturing into MMO should try first ? What was your experience ?

Share with us in the comment section ! Let’s together make ur dream come true.

I want to help all teenagers earn pocket-money and more so I founded Mmo4teen. When I’m not writing or working on any projects, you can find me jamming my guitar or lifting at the gym.

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