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A good list of fast and easy ways for teens to make money online

When I was starting out, there was so many things to learn about and A LOT to filter out. Searching for the keyword “make money online for teens” will give you 58,200,000 results and that’s only with Google. So after spending time with may ways to make money online for teens, I’ve come up with this list. I picked out the sites that are easy to register, don’t require ID identities and taxes and so on since most of us teens don’t want to bother with all that before things get big. And please note that this list only aim to help you to get started and getting the hang of things, it doesn’t contain everything. Try go through all of them and see what work best for you.

1.Megatypers ( Type CAPTCHA )

Megatypers is great for some fast money or funding your business

One of my favourites, Megatypers is great when it comes to straight-forwardness ( is that a word ? ). Easy to sign up, easy to use, easy to make money and they accept Paypal. Those are pretty much what our teens want when it comes to make money online since we all hate to deal with taxes and ID identities, right ? You’ll know immediately how much money you’ve made when you’re working with it so it’s better than ads plaement and such when you’re starting out. But with that comes with the fact that it’s still like a normal job so you’ll only earn when you work, no passive income here. All in all, a great way to start of your journey. Just don’t stick with it for too long, try out the others too !

Oh, and remember to use this Invitation Code, if you use it then we’ll get 10% bonus of your earning to support the site. Don’t worry since absolutely no part of your hard-earned money will be cut short, it’s a bonus straight from Megatypers. And we’ll also be able to keep track of who is earning the most for the Megatypers contest we’ll be holding later.

Post about Megatypers
Megatypers Invitation Code: 6EQQ
Click here to sign up for Megatypers !
2.Youtube ( Make Videos )

Youtube is more than just the place to watch a cat laughing you know

Well, we all know Youtube so no need for any further introduction. I bet you’ve watched a Youtube video more times than you can remember but did you know that the person who uploaded that video has a chance to earn money whenever you or anyone else for that matter watch the videos ? You too have the chance to be that person.

Click here to learn more about Youtube Partner Program !Click here to read our post about Megatypers
3.AdSense ( Show Ads )

Adsense is pretty much the go to ads network for beginners

If you’ve ever searched for a way to make money online before, I bet you’ve heard about AdSense. In a nutshell, it’s as simple as signing up for an account, choose an ad type, place it on your website then wait for the money to roll in. This is a good one for teenagers or any beginners since their approval process is pretty smooth and again, no ID required, also you don’t need to fiddle so much with technical stuffs since they have a huge database to help you, not to mention the process itself is pretty straight-forward. And last but not least, it’s owned by Google so you don’t have to worry about scam or anything like that. And unfortunately, posts about AdSense isn’t available just yet but it’s on our wishlist so stay tune !

Click here to learn more about AdSense !
4.HubPages ( Write Articles )

HubPages is good not only because everything is taken care for you and you only need to write but it’s also a place to hone your skills, get advice from others for yout writing and such. It’s best for teenages that like to write and want to show everyone something new. All in all, if you love to write but don’t want to mess with creating a blog or looking for someone to buy your articles, etc,…. then HubPages is the best there is.

The video pretty much says it all but we’ll be posting about HubPages later.

Click here to check out HubPages !
5.AdFly ( Share Links )


AdFly sign up process is incredably good with Facebook login to boost, I mean like ( pretty much ) every teens out there have a Facebook account. So the idea is turn your links into something of adfly format, get people to go to those links, they wait for 5 seconds while adfly shows ads on that and then get to your real content which you’ll get pay later. The trick is to provide something useful so that 5 seconds is worth it. Say, instead of sharing links like normal to your friends, just use AdFly and post it to your social sites, teens know their stuffs so you’ll be making some money once in a while. The best I have seen is with download links, especially with large files that have many parts. Those guys that post download links for games and such make a fortune out of this. And the best part is, since AdFly is so popular, you won’t risk someone thinks you’re leading them to a virus or something.

Post about AdFlyClick here to sign up for AdFly !
6.ShareCash ( Share Files )

ShareCash is kinda like AdFly, just kinda. You upload a file and get paid everytime someone download it. Simple as that. There payout is great at 1$/ download and the system has big potential. The only downside is they make use of survey so it’s kinda intimidating for some but if you’ve got a source of loyal downloaders ( again, I don’t know if this is a word or not ) that value your content then you’ve got nothing to worry about. But then again, it seems other teens will be the most suited to be downloaders.

Posts coming soon !

Click here to check out ShareCash !
7.Fiverr ( Anything You Can Think Of )
5$ for everything, as simple as that !

5$ for everything, as simple as that !

You see those single-price store where they sell everything at fixed price ( Hence the name ) ? Well, Fiverr is pretty much the same, only instead of only selling items, they sell pretty much everything ! If you can think of it, someone will buy it, I’m not kidding. Prank call, eat a pizza, draw a car,etc…. anything can be sold for 5$, although note that you’ll only earn 3 or 4 dollars since they keep 1 or 2 dollars. If you want to get the hang of running an online business, Fiverr is perfect since their marketplace is pretty safe and payment is good. Also, you can get some nice gigs done for you on Fiverr so keep that in mind.

And here’s where I say we’re having a post ready. Stay tune !

Click here to check out Fiverr !
8.Music Xray ( Listen To Music )

This one is a new concept to me but it seems to be working. Great for teens that like to listen to music ( like all of us ). I don’t have much to say about Music Xray but be sure to give it a try !

Getting posts ready !

Click here to sign up for Music Xray !
9.Swag Bucks ( Simple Actions )

There are multiple different websites that work just like Swag Bucks but I was sold by there professional looking website and intiutive sign up process. It’s a gray area when it comes to whether this is an easy way to make money online for teens or not since the “jobs” you need to do to earn money vary. Even so, all of them are online so it’s pretty much good. We’ll give you a more in-depth looks with some posts later.

Click here to check out Swag Bucks !

( There seems to be a sign up error at the moment, I’ll update this later, try it if you want, who knows )

10.Build Your Own Business ( Hard Work If You Don't Know How )
Work hard and yu'll definitely reach it !

Work hard and you’ll definitely reach it !

It’s true that you can make a pretty decent sum of money at the end of the month if you incorporate all of these methods effectively but to truly make a living out of the Internet, and a comfortable one at that, you’ll have to go for something big ! It’ll be hard work most of the way but it’s worth it and we’re here to help you. So, if you’re ready for it, just click that button below !

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