We’ve all heard about it somewhere along our search for making money online right ? Write articles for money, simple as that, almost too perfect for teens. Five minutes to set up a WordPress blog, throw in a few AdSense ads and affiliate links. Then just keep it updated and wait for the money.

Blogging sounds so easy and straight-forward. Not to mention, the earning has some really awesome potentials. Most bloggers don’t even earn enough to sustain their own blogs and consider it just a hobby but those truly extraordinary bloggers see income from 10.000 to 100.000 of dollars. John Chow and Neil Patel’s websites come to mind.

Simply, making money online with blogging means writing for money. Today, let’s dig deeper !

1. Understanding Blogging for Teenagers

First of all, blogging is not just solely about writing articles, but it includes everything about sharing information. Videos, pictures, tunes, etc,…. you name it. You can find all kind of information on blogs, even YouTube videos are considered a kind of blog, or VBlog ( short for Video Blog ). That’s why blogs are so popular and popular means one thing: A lot of visitors.

Like we’ve emphasized here, visitors are the single most important factor when it comes to make money online. No visitors, no potential customers, buyers or simple no ad views. Having a handful of them; howerver, you can convert them into huge profit, provided that you know how to.

1.1. The Power of Blogging

Blogging is so powerful that they attract a huge amount of people. And since a blog is regularly updated, people keep coming back for it. The older the blog, the more visitors it has as long as it is maintained the content with really good quality.

Just imagine having a lot of returning visitors to your blog everyday and that number keeps on increasing on a daily basis. Now that’s huge potential. And since you’re starting a blog, think about it like this: It’s your blog, your personality on that blog and people like it. That’s why they’re returning for it. A blog is different from a newspaper or wiki because there are actual people behind it. We teens know how we like to connect with our friends, don’t we ? That’s exactly why blogs are so successful. It builds trust.

Well, you’ll never buy from someone you just met on the street easily. But if it’s someone you trust, like your friends, you’re a lot easier to be persuaded. Business is about building trust and currently, there’s no better way than blog.

Make Money Online For Teens With Blogging

Give blogging a try !

1.2 Teenagers’ Advantages with Blogging

Teenagers have great advantages when blogging because:

  • Have lots of free time.
  • Have good imagination.
  • Well-verse in their niches and learn really fast.
  • Enjoy sharing with others.
  • Have decent skills in computer ( actually, not much is needed )
  • What else can you think of?

Therefore, blogging is one of the best ways for teenagers to earn money online. Interested ?

Let’s find out how you can start your own blog and turn your words into cash !

Teenagers Advantages When Blogging for Money

2. How To Start Your Own WordPress Blog

In a nutshell, all you need to do is installing WordPress and you’re good to go. That’s all. Eh, of course I’ll give more instruction than that and I already did here on my post about how to set up WordPress, check it out. I can’t go over it again since it’ll make this post too long. Sorry for that mate. Let’s move on.

3. Tips For A Successful Blog

Update: I just found out about StartBloggingOnline.com with its detailed guide on how to start your own blog. Check it out at www.StartBloggingOnline.com

Now that you’ve set up your blog. Start filling it with contents is the next step and also the most important one. Content is king. People come to your blog for your content, that’s it. They don’t visit it for the beautiful design or freebies. Your content is what lure them in and keep them there so try your best to make it awesome.

Here are the few main points for you to follow:

3.1. Usefulness

People search and consume useful content. By useful, I mean things that visitors want, need or think they want or need it. For example, a cake recipe is useful to people who want to make a cake, simple as that and a video about a dog making hilarious face is also considered useful since it help some people relax.

Create something that people want, need and search for. That’s the key. Don’t go half-hearted here. Share truly useful content, such as mine  :mrgreen: . People can tell whether you’re writing for money or for the visitors themselves and I’m pretty sure you know how they’ll feel about each way of writing.

Teens Writing for Money Usefulness

Usefulness is the key

3.2. Uniqueness

We all like different things: artists, singers, fashion, etc,… The same apply for blogging. Each blogger has a different style, a different way of writing and delivering information. Many can blog about the same thing but only a few can truly succeed. It’s mostly because they stand out for their uniqueness. But unique can be both bad and good. Stay true to yourself. Express yourself. Show them what is you through your blog. If they like you, you’ll have them as loyal readers.

Teenagers like us like to be different right ? We like to express ourselves that’s why we can do extraordinary things. Your blog is how you tell the world who you are, just keep that in mind. Make your blog unique in your own way and people will come to you naturally.

Teens Earning From Blogging Uniqueness

3.3 Keep it interesting

While facts and numbers are great for demonstrating a topic, too much of them with academic writing will send people to the ZZZZ land before they can even reach half of the post. Make things interesting. Write things interested you. If even you not, how can readers be? Don’t just listing out information. Make your blog more like a knowledgeable friend than a Wikipedia page. Add jokes, personal stories, music, anything. Keep your readers entertain and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Some interesting resources:

Top 4 Most Interesting Blogs On The Internet

How To Lower Your Bounce Rate With Interesting Blog Content

3.4. Update Regularly

Your readers like new things, everyone does, keep them around by updating your blog on a daily basis. An active blog also helps with SEO since SERPs like new contents. Not to mention, it will make your readers a habit of checking news. Yeah, we all know how hard it is to change one’s habit. Remeber that doing this doesn’t mean you can keep throwing things up to keep up with the schedule. Your blog posts still need to follow the above guidelines. It’d better have few quality posts than a lot of mediocre ones.

Teens Update Blog

3.5. Plan ahead 

It’s easy for teens like us to get sucked into homework, friends, etc, … And in the end, we forget our blog. Let it collect dust day by day. And occasionally, like once a month, post something. While it is perfectly okay to do this, it’s not for those who wants to make money with their blog, you need to have a plan my friend. Think about how many posts you’re gonna have a week or a month. Plan ahead. Write parts of it from time to time or you’ll get overload writing a huge post from top to bottom all at once. Success needs planning !

4. Monetize your blog

Now that you’ve had an active blog with lots of visitors and loyal readers. It’s time to start earning from it. Here’s some starting point:

4.1 Advertisements

The easiest and most used method by bloggers. The amount of visitors and returning readers makes for a wealthy source of ad views. If your blog is focus on a specific niche, you can charge pretty high for niche ads and also get good CTR ( click-through rate ) since the people who come to your blog are already interested in the subject.

AdSense might be a good way to start or if you’re good, you can sell ads directly.

4.2 Affiliate and Products

If you’ve got a really niche blog, you can consider placing affiliate links and even selling your own products. This is noticeably harder to achieve but the return is worth as each sale can generate revenue far higher than a few thousands ad views. You’ve heard about those 15000$ affiliate commission right ?

10 Affiliate Blogs To Learn From

4.3 Premium Subscription

If you’ve got really great content and you know that people are gonna want it, you can charge a premium price on a monthly basis or per access, even for a life time. Only the very best blogger can utilize this to its fullest though.

A Good Example Of Subscription Website

5. Conclusion

Here’s a great article from The Minimalists

Blogging is a great way for teens to start earning money. Interesting. Huge potential. Train you some essential skills such as writing and SEO. So give it a try !

Do you nail it? Do you like it? FInd out sth new?

Tell us !

I want to help all teenagers earn pocket-money and more so I founded Mmo4teen. When I’m not writing or working on any projects, you can find me jamming my guitar or lifting at the gym.

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