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So it seems I forgot to put “Part 1” in, well, part one‘s title 🙁

Let’s continue from where we left off last time then.

B. IAP And IAA For Teens

I know you’re wondering: “How on earth do I understand that title ?!” So here ya go:

  • IAP stands for In App Purchase ( this is an official term )
  • IAA stands for In App Advertisements ( this is what I made up for the sake of easier writing and reading )

Right, last time we discussed right here on how to make money off our apps by selling them. In short, people need to pay if they want to use the apps. Today, we’re gonna take a look at some ways to let users use your apps for FREE while at the same time make money off it. Win win for everyone right XD !

First we’ll take a closer look at those two ambiguous terms above.

1. About IAP ( In-App-Purchase )

This is probably the most popular income stream app developers are utilizing right now. The idea is to let users download an app for free then charge money INSIDE the app. The most prominent examples of this approach are games.

Let’s take Clash of Clans for example. As you can see, the game itself is free to download but the developer charges real money for in-game currency. Note that the game is perfectly playable without spending any bucks on IAP but if you do decide to invest a little in it, the experience will be a whole lot better.

Clash of Clans - Android Apps on Google Play

They even have Liam Neeson ! Talk about investment. Clash of Clans earns $846986 in estimated daily revenue and gets 25181 daily downloads.

IAP works great in games with tens of thousands of dollars being transferred from the real world to the cyber world ( actually they only transfer from our wallets to the developers’s ).

Teens Make Money Online With IAP

Here’s how Clash of Clans IAP looks

In more traditional apps, IAP usually works by letting users pay to access more features or removing ads (more on this later). By allowing users to pay for individual features, the users can pay less for what they want and the developers won’t have to worry about making a FREE and PAID version of an app.

Let’s take a look at another example:

This is Action Launcher, a very popular app on the Play Store which can be downloaded for free but note the bottom line:

Action Launcher 3 - Android Apps on Google Play

The basic features are there but you’ll need to cash out some money for advance options

Generally, this approach works nicely, as evidenced by Action Launcher high rating and overall success.

One thing to keep in mind for any teens looking to earn income with IAP is to price things reasonably. Remember that you’re not trying to sell an app but making small incremental gains, keep things under 4.99$ if possible should get you set.

One thing to keep in mind for any teens looking to earn income with IAP is to price things reasonably.

It’s better to have many features with low prices than one big pack of stuff with high price. This way the users will feel like they have choices (and they do) and not being forced to pay.

Another tip is to be smart when choosing which features to charge money for. Obviously, you can’t charge them all but charging for too few features isn’t exactly desirable either.

Pick out some useful but not absolute necessities from your app and price them. The trick here is to balance between usability and upgradablity. The app should be fully functional while being FREE but having access to advance features later. Don’t give people the feeling that your FREE app exists only to make them use IAP. Make them feel that it’s a good app in itself and IAP can make it even better.

Make them feel that it’s a good app in itself and IAP can make it even better.

A really useful method to evaluate your app usefulness is to go to your app store of choice, download a few free apps that serve similar purpose to yours and see what they offer. Then create an app like that but make it better then add in IAP features.

By doing this, you managed two things:

  1. Your FREE app has a high chance to be downloaded since it’s better than other free apps of the same category.
  2. You’re giving the users the feeling that your app is better than others (because it is) so they are more tempted to pay for extra IAP features

So to summarize, if you’re a teen looking to have good earning with IAP, you need to:

  • Make a good FREE app
  • Add in reasonably priced IAP
  • Make the users feel that they won’t regret paying for your IAP

Blame me all you want but I’m cutting this post again. We’ve already covered everything about IAP in this post.

Next time we’ll take a look at IAA to help teens make money online with Mobile Apps.

Goodluck guys !

I want to help all teenagers earn pocket-money and more so I founded Mmo4teen. When I’m not writing or working on any projects, you can find me jamming my guitar or lifting at the gym.

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